Station Satcom awarded the most covetable IFMC license in India

14 October 2019

Mumbai: Station Satcom, a global satellite communication service provider has been awarded a 10-year contract for the provisioning of In-Flight and Maritime Connectivity (IFMC) services on Indian aerospace and Indian territorial waters.

Station Satcom will offer these service to Indian airlines operating within and outside India, as well as international airlines transiting through Indian aerospace and shipping companies operating within Indian waters. With these services, passengers will now enjoy wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi and mobile data.

With Station Satcom awarded the most covetable IFMC license, customers will benefit from an expanded catalog, backed by Station Satcom's engineering and support organization.

"With the bestowal of the IFMC license by the Department of Telecommunications of India (DoT) , Station Satcom is leading the charge for innovation in the Aerospace and Maritime industry, we're further delivering on this vision and delivering an enhanced experience to our customers whilst continuing to advance towards market leadership." said Anshul Khanna, managing director, Station Satcom.

About Station Satcom

Station Satcom is a global provider of satellite communication solutions with over 20 years' experience within the international maritime and aerospace industry offering Satellite Broadband, Communication Equipments, Internet Management System, low cost calling solution, Accounting Authority and Activation services, VSAT, FleetXpress, TVRO, Entertainment, SBMC, Installations and remote support, Radio Surveys, (S)VDR APTs), LRIT tests, weather routing and Performance Monitoring SSAS & AIS tracking, ECDIS with Electronic Charts and ITU Publications including Remote Navcom Support.

Station Satcom Group has a global presence, with 4 world wide offices and sales of $25 million in 2019.