Crew Calling Prepaid Services

ChatCard is an easy-to-use, prepaid calling card that allows crew members to stay in touch with family and friends. It boosts morale, helps lower turnover and is cost effective. Saying goodbye is never easy. But now crew can easily keep in touch with loved ones using Xantic's ChatCard Reload, an industry-first service enabling calling cards to be reloaded via the web. And what is even better, ChatCard Reload is compatible with all Inmarsat voice services, Iridium plus email and SMS via Inmarsat-C.

  • Benefits for the Company
  • Immediate User Advantage
  • Accounting is radically simplified.
  • No more worries about staff needing to handle valuable equipment to change SIM-Cards.
  • No connection fee and no connection is no charge, offers maximum value for money.
  • ChatCard Reload can be used with Inmarsat-A, -B, -M, mini-M and GAN, Fleet and Iridium, plus email and SMS via the new mini-C.
  • The new 50-unit ChatCard Reload avoids large expenses upfront.
  • Fast & easy reload via the web.
  • Flat rates for every destination per selected Inmarsat voice service.
  • Each ChatCard can be easily used after scratching off the silver layer to reveal the 11-digit ChatCard number.
  • The ChatCard Reload system incorporates numerous ways to keep users informed of exactly how much credit is left on the ChatCard account.
  • Each time a call is set up the number of units on the ChatCard will be confirmed.
  • Existing cards & numbers can be re-used with ChatCard Reload.
  • Payment for reloading can be done within normal onboard purchasing procedures
  • A beep one minute prior to credit exhaustion is emitted when making a call.
  • Optimal freedom and flexibility.
  • One card for all services.