AAIC- Accounting Authority Services

Having one or more vessels sail the seas with radio or Inmarsat satellite communications onboard means that operators in various countries will charge you for the communications costs from your vessels to shore.

Choose Accounting Authority to alleviate your sorting through these costs. With this account, you receive invoices in one currency and we take care of paying the various operators for you.

Station Satcom along with Inmarsat is also an authorized Point of Service Activation center to activate all your Inmarsat satellite services (B, C, M, mini-M, Fleet and FleetBroadband) for multiple countries.

So, choosing us as your Point of Service Activation and your Accounting Authority means you only need to make one call - and we will handle it all!

Key Benefits

  • One of the largest AA/PSA/ISPs worldwide
  • One-stop shop for both activations and handling communication costs
  • Handling fee only, no supplemental AA subscription or annual fee
  • World's leader in maritime communications
  • Offers a wide portfolio of value-added services, including optimized e-mail, optimized Internet and cost control services