Internet Management system

  • Infinty
  • Crewcomm Centre
  • Crewcomm Wifi
  • KVH CommBox QuickCrew

Crew calling service (PINs, registered users or both)

This is a chat card service whereby instead of users accessing a shore based platform for crew voice calls, they are using pins that access Infinity to authenticate and operate. Units are decremented and once fully used they expire.

Crew internet caf\E9 service\A0(PINs, registered users or both)

This is a typical internet caf\E9 application whereby users enter a pin number and password, to have access to the internet. They can connect to Infinity either by cable or through a local wireless hub (if available). Upon opening a web browser on their personal laptops or on a shared PC onboard, users are asked for identification. If successful, they are given an allowance in denominations of 25, 50 or 100 Mbytes which can then be used at will during multiple sessions until expired. Different denominations are also available upon request, or alternatively, PINs can have a time-based denomination and operate only within specific time frames.

The ultimate crew communication solution for maritime broadband

CrewCommCenter is a customized crew communication system designed for maritime satellite communication trough the Inmarsat, Iridium & V-Sat networks. The system offers a complete set of features as an on-board Internet Caf\E9, but where the ship owner can ensure a IT secured environment with data and time usage limits, bandwidth control, content control and satellite transmissions cost control.

Basic Premium Premium+
  • Internet access on crew devices.
  • including options for free usage allowances and pre- paid data vouchers paid for by the crews
  • Announcement board for the captain and ship manager to the crews.
  • Vessel Media.
  • low data chat. Chat for 5 hours using only 1MB
  • Se@MeNow messenger apps with VOIP audio and video chat optimised for low data usage and high latency networks
  • Private E-mail accounts for each crew member, free to send and receive E-mails with option to block attachments and set usage limits for outgoing and incoming messages
  • Pre-Paid SMS text number.
  • Has all the features of the Basic package
  • Additional feature: Free to send and receive SMS text messages.
  • Unlimited to the Philippines with fair usage limits to international countries.

Has all the features of the Basic package

Additional Features

  • Free to send and receive SMS text messages. Unlimited to the Philippines with fair usage limits to international countries
  • World-News with option to select from 15 multilingual editions delivered daily on the crew devices
  • Accounts following crews from vessel to vessel with webmail access while on shore.

Powerful Module for Crew Internet & E-mailcrew KHV

KVH CommBox QuickCrew is a CommBox software module that makes it easy to give crew members Internet access as well as enable them to stay in contact with family and friends through e-mail wherever they go. QuickCrew's roaming e-mail ensures that crew e-mails are never "lost", by providing each crew member with one personal e-mail account for use on any vessel in the fleet, as well as on shore. The e-mail account will follow the user when he/she embarks on a vessel by a simple login procedure. E-mails to this account will only be transferred to the specific vessel for the duration of the stay. When the crew member logs off, e-mails will be waiting on the CommBox hub until the crew member logs on again during the same passage, from another vessel, or from shore.

Pre-paid E-mail and Web Browsing (Internet Cafe)

The QuickCrew module also includes a pre-paid solution for both e-mail and web browsing. Access to Internet activities is limited to the credit registered to the crew member's account. When the credit reaches $0.00, e-mail applications or web browsing are no longer accessible, and the crew member must buy more credits to refill the account. Refills can be managed by the vessel administrator or by creating an activation code that the crew member types in to refill his/her account. When using the pre-paid web browsing function, the user logs on locally to the vessel CommBox. After login, a status window will pop up, showing which carrier is active, and a real-time status of the user's credit balance. QuickCrew makes it easy and affordable for crew to keep in touch with the world around them while strengthening crew morale.

Highlights & Features

  • Roaming e-mail accounts follow the crew member from vessel to vessel.
  • E-mails are only transferred to the vessel the crew member logs in from.
  • E-mail clients can be locked for pre-paid access only, or opened for free usage.
  • Pre-paid accounts can be easily refilled with credits used for both e-mail access and web browsing.
  • Easy to use interface via web.
  • The user has full control of airtime and remaining credits; accounts may be refilled using
  • Scratch cards.
  • Compatible with the CommBox webmail client, or any POP3/ SMTP/IMAP client.
  • Option to automatically refill accounts on a recurring schedule.
  • Allows users to immediately begin surfing the web (before account is fetched) if account has
  • Sufficient funds/credits.
  • Option to set time limits on Internet usage.