Why Choose Station Satcom?

Customer oriented

We are bound only by the mission of addressing our customers' most vital needs in a way uniquely suited to them and aligning solutions that are compatible with the customer's requirement

24/7 technical support

Running our support desks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, by a team of diligent and competent personnels. Understanding our clients and customers and delivering the best of service standards are of our top priority.

Advanced Billing system

  • We use an advanced billing system that enables customers to log in to the customer portal, where they can retrieve their invoices, keep track of their satellite traffic in real time, configure traffic monitors, and manage their own services.
  • We maintain transparency and no service is complete without accurate & open billing
  • We are one of the few service providers that allow marine customers to have one bill for one ship, even though they use different satellite operators.

Global installation & Repair network

We provide Prompt and high quality installation and repair services and are persistent to provide the smartest, most robust connectivity, anywhere

Commitment to Excellence

We are constantly keeping up with new products and creating innovative services for our valued users, while continuing to maintain a high standard in support and service delivery.