Data Polling and Tracking Services

We offer global satellite tracking for any vessel via Sat C, AIS and ISAT M2M terminal. Terminals are remotely programmed over satellite, to automatically transmit any frequency of daily position reports, inclusive of position course and speed.

  • Sat C
  • IsatM2M
  • AIS Tracking

Advanced Tracking offers advanced remote tracking of any vessel equipped with a SAT-C. The SAT- C is a global offshore security system.

IsatM2M enables a wide range of machine-to-machine applications for tracking and monitoring remote fixed or mobile assets on a global basis. Orbcomm offers fast data forwarding rates, quicker responses to polling requests and shorter time to first transmission.

AIS is intended to assist a vessel's watchstanding officers and allow maritime authorities to track and monitor vessel movements. Vessels fitted with AIS transceivers can be tracked by AIS base stations located along coast lines or, when out of range of terrestrial networks, through a growing number of satellites that are fitted with special AIS receivers which are capable of deconflicting a large number of signatures.