The heightened threat of targeted cyber attacks is prompting the Maritime sector to look for ways to improve network security. Perpetrators continue to devise new ways to exploit the vulnerabilities of your network; protecting critical infrastructures has become a crucial part of business requirements.

Many of the biggest virus threats come from local sources. Files and other data from users are transferred by CD, USB devices and networks; they are the number one infection source for the Maritime industry. To stop incoming infections onshore or via email is no longer enough.

We are known for our excellent Antivirus services. You could say it is our "flagship" service. Our highly optimized client solutions provide proactive protection of all vulnerable entry points across the network of your vessel, allowing it to focus on what is important - running your business. \A0It also gained awards for being the fastest response software to new virus threats and the fastest in on demand scanning of your computers.

Protecting your onboard computers with a good Antivirus product can save you hundreds of dollars each year on communication costs!

Key Features

  • Small updates, resulting in minimal airtime usage
  • Fully automated updates, once installed no end-user interaction is required
  • Protect all computers on a network
  • Strong virus protection using proven technology
  • Flat monthly fee for all computers on our network