Billing Software

  • an advanced & enriched billing platform that is specifically designed to cater for the needs of the satellite communications industry. It is much more than just a system to generate invoices.
  • It enables customers to log in to the customer portal, where they can retrieve their invoices, keep track of their satellite traffic in real time, configure traffic monitors, and manage their own services.
  • The mediation system makes sure that the call detail records are loaded automatically in real time with automatic validation for duplicate records. Graphical tools and alerts assists in making sure that all records are collected.
  • Customers can organize their services in Cost Centers and get their invoice charges split out accordingly
  • It enables customers to monitor their traffic in real time, and generate alarms where needed
  • Traffic can be monitored in dollars, in volume used, or in remaining bundle amounts. When thresholds are exceeded, customers can get alarmed and automatically suspended the service.