Weather Routing

  • SPOS Onboard
  • What are the Key Benefits?
  • RouteGuard

Ship Performance Optimisation System (SPOS) Onboard is the world's leading onboard weather routing system. With SPOS Onboard the ship's route can be optimised, taking into account sea conditions such as wind, waves and swell, current and other weather elements.

SPOS has proven to be the most accurate and reliable weather routing system in the world with timely updates ensuring that the crew is always aware of their surroundings and the weather forecast.

SPOS is designed to enable captain and crew to adjust the route calculations depending on the weather information provided and the ship's specific characteristics. The captain can then chart the optimum route (both in terms of safety and efficiency) for his ship in prevailing conditions.

SPOS Onboard ensures vessels navigate the globe safely and efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, contributing to a clean environment.

  • Reliable weather data
  • Efficient voyage and ETA planning
  • Saves fuel and time
  • Easy tool for comparing speed and route alternatives
  • Increased safety level for masters and crew
  • Implementation in SEEMP regulation
  • 24/7 weather operations support

Optimum Ship Routing and Performance Analyses

RouteGuard provides optimum route information to ensure the safe and efficient passage of vessels. During the voyage the vessel's performance is monitored resulting in post-voyage performance evaluation.

When it comes to safety or efficiency, RouteGuard has proven to be the best solution for vessel routing with the following benefits

  • Save fuel
  • Reduce CO2 emission
  • Reduce sailing time
  • Plan with accurate ETAs
  • Avoid adverse weather
  • Monitor your ship's performance