KVH TracPhone

Easy. Affordable. Everything you Need.

AgilePlans by KVH brings you mini-VSAT Broadband hardware and airtime, STCW-related basic training for your crew, operations data updates, news and entertainment for crew welfare, zero maintenance costs, free standard installation, and global technical support - all delivered to your fleet worldwide, with no ownership costs or capital investment.

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Solution
  • AgilePlans provides a comprehensive suite of products and services
    • Rugged, proven hardware
    • Free shipping to, and standard installation* in, select ports
    • Global broadband data as fast as 10 Mbps and crystal clear voice connections
    • World-class crew welfare and training content
    • Critical operations content
    • Superior technical support and network management
  • Designed to meet the needs of commercial fleets and their evolving requirements
  • NO long-term ownership or CAPEX costs
  • NO long-term commitments
  • NO hassles, headaches, or worries
  • Rugged VSAT Hardware
    • Choice of KU, C and HTS VSAT systems.
    • Rack-mounted Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM)
    • LMR RF cables and power/data cable(s) (46 m/150 ft.), plus 1 NMEA cable (30 m/100 ft.)
  • Airtime and Voice
    • Choice of usage-based monthly data plans (hybrid data plans with V7HTS)
    • VoIP line with KVH-assigned number
  • Ask your KVH dealer about additional product and service options that can be added to your subscription
  • Installation, Maintenance & Support Services
    • Free shipping to, and AgilePlans Standard Installation in select ports around the globe
    • Up to $2,000 credit for installs in other ports
    • Zero maintenance costs for life of subscription
    • KVH OneCare Global Technical Assistance Package
    • Proactive Performance Monitoring
    • myKVH Management Portal
    • Basic Vessel Tracking Service
  • Implementation Plan
    • Initial Network Design Consultation
    • Field Service Consultation
  • Value-added IP-MobileCast™ Crew Welfare and Training Content
    • NEWSlink™Print
    • NEWSlink TV
    • TRAININGlink™ Videotel™ Basic Training Package (3 subjects with 20 videos each) \96 choose one:
      • Tankers
      • Dry Cargo
      • Offshore
  • Value-added IP-MobileCast Operations Data Services
    • CHARTlink™
    • FORECASTlink™

Delivering a comprehensive connectivity solution for your fleet

A Complete Connectivity as a Service (CAAS) Package

Choice of TracPhone V7HTS, TracPhone V7IP, or TracPhone V11IP hardware with free installation in select ports

Broadband airtime as fast as 10 Mbps and voice

Network management and monitoring

Crew welfare and eLearning content

Operations data services

Global technical support and no maintenance costs for the life of the subscription